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Sigil of Andrealphus - GoetiaAdaptability is the name of the game for a Duke of Lust. Not only do they need/want to drop everything to serve their Prince personally, but there is no telling what the state of their fortunes or the world will be when their own private submission is through.

Any sphere of influence is flexible, and GMs should feel free to add. remove, or relocate any Duke as they see fit.

Who’s Who

Zepar, Duke of Notch, Calabite Demon of Infertility

Zepar is part is something of a butch old crone. He favors brilliant red, whether that is his crimson armor or his ruby power suits. His earthly initiatives have included the popularization of contraception and eugenics, and he takes a particular joy in playing with men’s asses and women’s periods. He may also currently be exploring the lower hells for virgin territory to deflower.

Salleos, Duke of Ill Repute, Djinn Demon of Procurement

In spite of his appearance as a grizzled soldier, Salleos is one of the foremost patrons of the peace faction. He is invested heavily in Shal-Mari, and his “ladies” are welcome in almost every infernal court. He is also a blackmailer, rumormonger, and occasional slaver. He has a running rivalry with Satanachia.

Vuall, Duchess of Sporting, Shedite Demon of “The Fittest”

While it is true that Vuall has something of a kink for hardbodies, his real interest is in adaptation, natural selection, and survival. He is an old friend of Eli, Jordi, and Novalis – something which makes Asmodeus very nervous. But Vuall would rather tap that than ascend, so the concern is likely misplaced. The Duchess of Sporting may be at loose ends at the moment and making trouble in the corporeal realm.

Gremory, Duke of Assignation, Impudite Demon of Feminine Allure

You may have noticed “Gamori” show up on this blog before (as the Princess of Flowers). As a Duke of Lust he is not quite so powerful, but no less feminine or imposing. He has a reputation for promiscuity, though this is likely exaggerated because of how much time he spends with his Prince. (Andrealphus mostly often uses Gremory to act out his fantasies about Lilith, but that is less common knowledge).

Sitri, Duchess of Cat, Balseraph Demon of Nakedness

Sitri is a feline sensualist and a connoisseur of bared bodies and souls. They simply love vulnerability and affection, but only on their own terms (which, as a Balseraph, they can usually thrust upon others). Sitri’s feline nature brings them into contact with many of the surviving cat gods, with whom they share the kittens of the world, but they also currently manage a number of infernal brothels in Stygia and Hades.

Abdalla, Duke of Bawdy, Habbalite Demon of Heat and Rut

Abdalla can best be described as a walking orgy – preferring a world where everyone is entirely overwhelmed by arousal and sex to one where he has time or ability to think about the loss of paradise.

Too dangerous for casual company, the Demon of Heat and Rut has been all but banished to the Marches, where he infests dreams with obscene desire and unthinking sex far from the controlling eyes of heaven.

Marastac, Duke of Call, Djinn Demon of Sexual Domination

Marastac delights in dominance, torture, and the power of absolute control. While many demons associate him with BDSM (and he does take a keen interest in the practice), his real playground is patriarchy and domestic abuse. Marastac works closely with the servitors of Magog, and may have sheltered them during that Superior’s captivity.

Sarabocres, Duchess of Red Doors, Balseraph Demon of Sensuality

The word to describe Sarabocres is Voluptuous. It describes her vessels, attire, surroundings, and repast. The demoness speaks the language of luxury fluently, and counts herself a peer to the likes of Mammon and Haagenti and maintains her duchy square in the heart of Shal-Mari so that she can enjoy all the diversions it offers.

Satanachia, Duchess of Lady’s Board, Lilim Demon of Sex Work

Satanachia may be serving Andrealphus directly in the bordello right now (he does love his Lilim), but as the patron of the oldest profession she is never without wider influence. Unlike her rival, Salleos, Stanachia truly believes in fair exchange. She’s wise enough to know that it’s not always possible, and that desperation and poverty can still force someone’s hand – but when somebody finds their way into one of her professions willingly, Satanachia tries to lend a hand.

Taob, Duke of Jay, Habbalite Demoness of Mascuility

Taob is a surgeon and magician who takes a particular interest in “beautifying” women for the male gaze. She is a dude, a bro, a mensch, and more man than you or anyone you’ve ever known could even imagine being. Quite simply, anyone even slightly attracted to men is attracted to Taob, and she loves fucking with them.

Zagan, Duke of Leaping, Balseraph Demon of Kink

Zagan is a freak, pure and simple. It is a label they take great pride in. Although a balseraph, their celestial form is just as torn and ornamented as any Habbaltie, and they delight in freaking the normies, even (or perhaps especially) celestial ones.

There is no act they won’t try, no fetish they will not impose on some unsuspecting mortal, and they’re always on the lookout for humans to come up with something novel that their own impressive imagination did not conceive of first.

The Thirteenth Duke

In addition to these twelve, the Impudite Demon of Submission is a Duke Consort in Andrealphus’ court. The Lord of Submission was an emigre from the failing principality of Sloth. Their wordbound need to surrender makes them singularly ill suited to managing a Duchy, but they do have ducal estates located in each other Duke’s territory which are maintained by surprisingly strong willed service subs. Because it is necessary to fulfill their function, the Duke of Submission understand the wants, needs, and other motives of their fellow dukes quite well.