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From Quest of the Golden Ape

From Quest of the Golden Ape

“The world is waiting to be plundered. Take what you can and damn the rest.”

Before having his word stolen by Valefor, Genubath was one of Hell’s mightiest rogues: a renegade who made evil and so won himself a princedom.  The Shedite Prince is terribly proud of his new acquisitions and parades them at every opportunity. Since gaining his princedom he has never been known to wear the same host in public.

Before the fall, Genubath served Metatron as the Angel of Requisition – using the authority of The Word to ready the army of Heaven. It was he, in his multitude of forms, who approached the other Archangels for essence, technology, and supplies. However, his word sat ill upon his shoulders.

Genubath did not just want to support the war he knew must some day come, he wanted to be a part of it. To fight the good fight alongside Michael and Baal. That he did not know who the enemy was mattered little. Clearly there was a reason for such a grand army or he would not have been called upon to provision it so.

When the Rebellion started, Genubath didn’t care about the politics. He considered Ophis a fool, and humanity beneath his notice – but Baal offered him the chance to fight while Michael did not, and so he chose the side of Hell, using what remained of his old Word to take from his former allies even as he slaughtered them.

Even after the Fall, he continued his rapacious ways, “commandeering” the assets of his fellow demons, seizing the bodies of mankind for his own pleasure, fiercely insisting on his own independence – and mooning after Baal with a love that made Andrealphus sick. Asmodeus frequently tried to reign the rogue demon in, which was often enough to cause Rapine to go Renegade for a time, but the two are arguably friends; Genubath being one of the few notables of hell who was actually eager to play The Game.

The Shedite Prince began to withdraw from hellish politics when Mammon took Greed from him in 700 BC, and has not been seen since Valefor stole his word roughly 1500 years later.

Design Note

These powers have been built around the definition of rapine: to take by force. While ‘rape’ comes from the same root, and it is certainly possible to use some of Genubath’s powers to that effect – I have done what I can to keep sexual violence from forming the core of his power set.


Like Genubath himself, Servitors of Rapine are creatures of glorious excess, and quite generous to their friends. Any pillager who has not gifted or squandered half of their take inside of a week will suffer dissonance.

Servitor Attunements

Balseraph(restricted) – These demons typically take roles such as Coal Barons, Merchant Princes, Politicians, and others who characterize the seizure of land and wealth as ‘spreading civilization.’ Anyone who stands to benefit by believing one of their lies must spend a point of Essence to make the necessary Will roll.

Djinn(restricted) – Masterminds and strategists, Genubath’s Djinn may add their Ethereal Forces to the TN of any Move Silent, Tactics, or Attack role made to acquire an object that they are attuned to (once they have it, the bonus no longer applies).

Calabim – These demons still have something of the divine about them, and can intuit the location of the most valuable thing in any business or dwelling.

Habbalim(partially restricted) – The Habbalah of Rapine can instinctively tell who has been the victim of an assault or property crime. When targeting such an individual with their Resonance, a Habbalite may add their own Corporeal Forces to the TN.

Lilim – Rapine’s Tempters typically work for land developers, utilities, mercenary companies, transportation firms, or anyone else who leverages the might of the government for personal gain. Bureaucratic paperwork presents these demons no obstacle and when arguing property cases before a court their Fast Talk rolls automatically succeed (though they still have to roll for intervention and check digit).

Shedim(restricted) – When someone attempts to resist possession by a Shedite of Rapine, the check digit of their Will roll must equal or exceed the demon’s check digit. Should the Shedite successfully possess the host, they gain a bonus to future Will Rolls equal to the sum of the check digits.

Impudites(restricted) – Impudites of Genubath are capable of taking essence by brute physical force. When you are restraining someone, you may use Strength to Steal Essence, whether or not you have charmed the person first.

Servitor Attunements

Asking for It – Whenever you stand accused of a crime you can change the conversation to a discussion of the victim’s culpability for a number of minutes equal to your Celestial Forces.

9/10ths of the Law – So long as you possess an item you will always be seen as its legitimate owner. This applies to mundane and Celestial investigations alike.


Knight of Spoils – The Knight knows the source of every treasure he touches.

Captain of Duress – The Captain knows whether or not someone legitimately intends to acceded to his demands.

Baron of Plunder – The Baron may add 6 to the TN of any Area Knowledge roll made while in a city under military occupation.

Special Distinctions

Privateer of the Moral High Ground This distinction is only granted to Outcasts and Renegades who have made themselves useful by attacking Genubath’s enemies. You may make use of Rapine Tethers and you can automatically tell by looking at someone what it would take for them to grant you sanctuary or asylum.


It should be noted that even though Genubath is hostile to Asmodeus and Mammon, he and his servitors will still gladly work with them. Hostile or not, they matter to Rapine, and many of the other demons do not.

Allies: Baal
Associated: Lilith, Malphus
Hostile: Asmodeus, Meserach
Enemies: Mammon

Basic Rites

  • Seizing at least $1000 worth of property.
  • Killing someone while in pursuit of material wealth.


Chance of Invocation: 3

Invocation Modifiers
+1 Any poperty taken by force
+2 A stolen cow
+3 A treasure of gold and silver
+4 A statue from a looted monument
+5 A city population pressed into slavery
+6 A city while it is being sacked

Where Are They Now

Valefor considers Genubath‘s methods to be brutal and crass, and does not allow his servitors to use Rapine’s Attunements or Distinctions.  However, not every demon who served Genubath remained after his death.  Some have taken up service under Vapula, Baal, Mammon, and Asmodeus.  These servitors may still have some of their old abilities (though their Rites will no longer work).