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Provided by Wikimedia

Provided by Wikimedia

“The world is mostly water. Ever constant, ever changing.”

Though he died as one of the Malakim, Oannes was originally a barrel-chested Elohite with a great big beard and heart large enough to match. His compassion was said to be enough to encompass the entire world. He worked closely with Janus during the creation of the earth, and together they discovered how waves, and rain, and clouds worked. For millenia the Archangel of Water served as the caretaker of plants, animals, and mankind alike.

When Lucifer fell, Oannes was filled with a righteous rage. Rather than give into the siren call of the Habbalah, he turned to Uriel and like his rival David became one of the black-winged Malakim. But his heart remained in the care and protection of life, and once the rebels were sealed away he returned to his calm, methodical care of nature’s waterways.

When Oannes heard that the fallen may have found a way out of hell, he was one of the first to support the Grigori project. Unfortunately, they were tempted by sins of the flesh and their monstrous progeny cleansed from the face of the earth.

The Archangel of Water offered to lead the effort, and for 40 days and 40 nights he and all his angels poured water down from the heavens. But even this backfired, as his senior herald, the Ofanite Vephar did not sail with Noah, but instead immersed himself in the slaughter and never returned to heaven.

In the centuries that followed, Oannes grew increasingly grim and temperamental; resigned to the fact that betrayal was inevitable. While in a good mood, he would be nurturing and gentle, if a bit distant, but in his bad moods he was terrible – abandoning his underlings to handle the tides and the rains he would head out full of glory, slaughtering demons and smiting old sea gods – heedless of the damage he caused.

Eventually he slaughtered his old friend Vephar and full of grief challenged Belial, the upstart of Fire.  The resulting explosion wiped out the Minoan civilization and left Belial permanently scarred – but Oannes was never again seen and his rites dried up shortly thereafter.

Most of his followers quietly joined Novalis, Janus, or David – but several remain loyal even now, tending the broken chapel of water and ensuring that the waters continue to perform their vital functions.

Deviation from Canon

In Nomine canon has Vephar falling during Lucifer’s Rebellion, some 20 millennia BCE. Since sailing had not yet been invented at that point, it seems odd that the Angel of Sailors would be particularly significant. This is why I have pushed Vephar’s fall back to around the time of The Flood.


Water is ever changing, yet always certain. It is dissonant for one of these angels to ever show doubt.

Choir Attunements

Seraphim(restricted) – The truth can change, and none know this better than the Seraphim of Water. When using their resonance, they can determine when the truth changed for the subject of their attention.

Cherubim – The Guardians of the Water have always felt a strong tie to the Moon. These angels always know the time, the phase of the moon, and the state of the tides.

Ofanim(partially restricted) – You do not suffer any movement or attack penalties when fighting in fog or rain, or while submerged in part or in whole, and while in water Ofanim of Oannes may add their Physical Forces to the Check Digit of any Resonance roll.

Elohim – The Elohim of Water know the curative power of tears and can bring them out with a touch and a kindly spoken word.

Malakim – The Virtue of water is to cleanse. While one of Oannes’s Malakim holds someone or something underwater they may spend Essence equal to the subject’s Forces in order to purge it of all poisons and possessions.

Kyriotates – The Kyriotates of Water can extend their senses beyond their hosts to the very water which surrounds them. When surrounded by water (including a fog bank or downpour), these angels may sense the contours of the liquid – revealing the location of people and structures at a range of up to 10 yards per Ethereal Force.

Mercurians – Water is the cradle of civilization. The Friends of Man who serve Oannes can always find the nearest source of potable water.

Grigori – Before Oannes cut his ties with the Grigori, those who served him were mankind’s greatest bulkward against Makatiel. These angels can tell with a touch if a liquid has been contaminated.

Bright Lilim (restricted) – After the Fall of Vephar and the Grigori, it is unlikely that Oannes would trust one of the Lilim, but it is in his nature to nurture potential. Should one of these Children of Lilith Geas someone to an act of water stewardship, they may reduce the subject’s Will roll by their own Celestial Forces.

Servitor Attunements

Bounty of the Sea – The sea brings life and it takes it away. For each point of Essence this angel spends, they may take from a body of water sufficient food to feed for one day a number of people equal to their Corporeal Forces.

Impassible Current – An angel who knows Impassible Current can touch a moving body of water to make travel and attack from one bank to the other impossible. This lasts for a number of minutes equal to the Angel’s corporeal forces and extends to tunnels, bridges, flight, and Celestial travel.


Vassal of the Flow – When a Vassal of the Flow observes any part of a natural or constructed waterway you they tell at a glance what its source and destination are.

Friend of the Hydrosphere – Barring the intervention of Celestial Forces, a Friend of the Hydrosphere may look at the sky and accurately predict the weather for a number of days equal to their Ethereal Forces.

Master of Deluge – While standing in at least 20 gallons of water, a Master of Deluge does 2 extra damage on melee attacks and has an additional 2 resistance.

Special Distinction

Brother of the FloodThis distinction was only given to Servitors of Water responsible for calling down the Great Flood – Brothers of the Flood may sing the any Song of Water as if they had spent an amount of Essence equal to their Total Forces. Should the Brother wish to supplement this with still further Essence, they are permitted to do so. The Tsayadim will view as equals any Brother of the Flood who has not taken a new Word.


Allied: Janus, Novalis
Associated: David, Uriel
Hostile: Jean
Enemies: Dominic, Michael

Basic Rites

  • Kill one of the Nephallim (+2 Essence)
  • Spend two hours resting atop unpolluted water
  • Spend eight hours tending the sick and injured


Chance of Invocation: 3

Invocations Modifiers
+1 A basin holding at least 5 gallons of water
+2 Standing in the pouring rain
+3 Atop a dam or aqueduct
+4 The tears of a saint
+5 Holding one of the Nephallim underwater
+6 Surrounded by water with no land in site