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feathersEven though In Nomine features a Demon of Lust as one of the main luminaries of hell, it had a tendency to soft-pedal around topics of sex and sexuality. It has been 45 years since the first Gay Pride march in US history (a march that itself marked the 1 year anniversary of the Stonewall riots), and so I figured today would be a good day to introduce some Angels and Demons you can include into your In Nomine games if you want to deal with LGBT issues (or really any issues centering around gender and sexuality).

In this post

  • Stenen Muur, Seneschal of the Stonewall Inn (Mercurian of David)
  • Peor, Seneschal of Sodom and Demon of Sodomy (Djinn of Andrealphus)
  • Aba, Angel of Human Sexuality (Elohite of Gabriel)
  • Ahriman, Demon of the Fear of Lost Virility, Patron of Homophobia (Balseraph of Beleth)

Though I won’t be going into any sort of graphic detail, this post should probably be considered NSFW and does include references to coerced and other non-consensual sexual activity.

Stenen Muur (aka Stephen Muir)

Seneschal of the Stonewall Inn Mercurian of David

Stenen Muur earned the ire of Heaven by declaring his tether a sanctuary for any Celestial expressing queer sexuality, regardless of which side they take in the war. David seems to have quietly approved of this choice, but neither Lawrence nor Dominic are amused. Muur will be there if the Stonewall Inn comes under a physical threat, but like most Servitors of David he believes that adversity builds character and that humanity can solve its own problems. Stenen Muur changes Roles every couple of decades. Currently he’s a History Professor at NYU. He’s a bit more sexually liberated than most angels, though he still won’t engage in procreative sex with mortals. He’s also built up a bit of a reputation for “Knighting Lusties,” although they often end up in Stenen’s debt rather than the other way around. Andrealphus would love to see Stenen Muur fall, but since the angel is more concerned with the struggle for equal rights than he is with physical pleasure that doesn’t seem likely in the near future.

Special Rites

  • Withstand a physical attack in defense of a member of the LGBT community.

Peor, Demon of Sodomy

Baron of Eternal EcstacY, Seneschal of Sodom Djinn of Andrealphus (Formerly of Genubath)


From Idolatry with Baal-Peor

There aren’t many Infernal Seneschals who can honestly claim to have survived a direct attack on their tether by the forces of heaven. Even fewer have managed to survive the destruction of their tether. Of those, only Peor has actually grown stronger as a result of the attack. It should be noted that Peor embodies all the sins of Sodom. He is egotistical, uncharitable, exploitative, unconcerned with consent, and contemptuous towards angels. He likes to use his lovers and his worshipers (who are not always one and the same). He also believes that the world would revolve a great deal faster if everyone minded their own business, though of course his business extends to everyone who crosses his path or catches his eye. Peor also happens to like anal sex and is more than happy to use his Infernal abilities to make others take part as well.

Special Rites

  • Engage in anal sex for at least an hour.
  • Give a sizable material reward ($100+) for an uncharitable act.


Peor is rumored to have been the one time consort of Baal, Prince of The War. It is also said that he seduced one of the angels who destroyed his city, using the very forces of heaven who thought they were his undoing to spread and strengthen his word.

Aba, Angel of Human Sexuality

Friend of the Divine Spark Elohite of Gabriel

The Hemaphrodite-Angel of Peladan

The Hemaphrodite-Angel of Peladan by Czarana

In order to fully comprehend the scope of human sexuality, Aba identifies with all human genders and none of them. This means that many of Aba’s vessels are viewed as being feminine or effeminate. However, this is not really an accurate description of Aba. Yes, they are feminine and effeminate, but also macho and manly, fat, thin, cybernetic, and just about anything else that might impact how an individual and those around them interact sexually. As the Angel of Human Sexuality, Aba must walk a fine line. They support all physical expressions of human attraction, even ones that their angelic peers find abhorrent. At the same time, as an Elohite of Gabriel, Aba must punish those humans who delight in inflicting emotional harm. To Aba this is about accepting and preserving all that is holy within love’s physical manifestation by actively rejecting and removing the social and emotional evil that can come along with it. Many of Eli’s Servitors in service to Gabriel coordinate through Aba, as do angels of other Superiors who are planning raids against Andrealphus. The Angel of Human Sexuality is one of the few who engages in such raids frequently enough to be considered an expert. Unfortunately, Lawrence cannot stand Aba’s acceptance of sexual behaviors rejected by the Catholic faith – so Aba is frequently left out of The Sword’s plans.

Special Rite

  • Engage in three hours of consensual sexual activity (including foreplay and after care).

Aba’s Shadow

If you could distill the things that Dominic distrusts into a single Celestial, you would probably end up with someone like Aba. Their word is dangerously close to the Infernal word of Lust, their Superior is too unstable to provide “proper” oversight, and they are a close collaborator with the apostate archangel, Eli. As a result, Aba is accompanied at all times by a Cherub of Judgement. One who is almost as critical of human sexulity as Aba is accepting.

Shades of Grey

So far I have mostly presented Aba in a positive light – but they can also fit into a dark or low-contrast game quite well. Conflicts in their nature could easily produce someone passionate, mercurial, self-destructive, and highly discordant. Even if Aba is stable, they can be presented as dark simply by rejecting any rules you and your players have about sex and sexuality. Do you consider pederasty to be beyond the pale? Aba doesn’t. Snuff films? Aba is fine with them as long as the death is “humane.” Voyeuristic stalking? If stalker never makes their target aware of their presence, Aba embraces the practice. So long as there is no emotional harm, the darker version of Aba is okay with the utter extremes of any kink.

Ahriman, Demon of the Fear of Lost Virility

Archduke of Essential Dread Duke of Patriarchy Baron of Homophobia Balseraph of Beleth

ahrimanAhriman is an incredibly old and powerful demon who once made a bid for the dark throne of Hell itself (technically all he did was ask for the Word of Unheavenly Thoughts, but that’s basically the same thing). Lucifer challenged the upstart to corrupt Zarathustra, but did not tell the younger Balseraph that the prophet was already in dialog with the Archangel Eli. The encounter went horribly for Ahriman, but rather well for Lucifer (who, through Ahriman’s efforts, ensured that an adversarial presence was included in monotheism from its very outset). When Beleth approached Lucifer with a request for Ahriman’s services, the Dark Prince decided to reward the upstart’s partial success with the Fear of Lost Virility. That was almost 3000 years ago, and they have not been idle years. Through his word Ahriman has unseated angels, fostered patriarchy, given form to homophobia and transphobia, corrupted chivalry, championed machismo, and generally proven to be one of Heaven’s most active adversaries. Should Ahriman make a bid for a principality now, he could probably secure one – but he is content to be a power behind the throne, though oddly enough not the power behind Beleth’s throne. Even if Ahriman spends most of his days working with Malphas, he remains devoutly loyal to the Superior who saved him from Lucifer’s wrath.

Special Rites

  • Using a male erectile aid.
  • Participating in a male right of passage or hazing ritual.
  • Getting someone fired or recalled from office because of their sexuality, gender expression, or biological sex.